Project off Garner to be city’s first ‘RV resort’

       All that dirt movement off Garner Street is for a unique purpose: the first RV resort park in Colorado Springs. Some of the cabin-style RVs that are available with lot sales
in the Foot of the Rockies RV Resort development can be
seen, resting on one of the tiers that have been created
with earth-moving machines like the one in foreground. Nice
views are part of what the resort ownership is marketing in the development off Garner Street – such as the vista of the Garden of the Gods (far right, background).
Westside Pioneer photo
       “There's not another one like it,” said Terry Allen, a local businesswoman who is working with owner Craig McBride to complete the 65-space Foot of the Rockies RV Resort development. “I'm excited for what this will do for Colorado Springs.”
       A future gated community, the resort is being built in tiers, up the hillside south of Fountain Creek, about a quarter-mile west of Eighth Street. The address is 50 Resort Point, a private street off Garner. The roughly 8-˝ acre site is bordered on the west by the A-1 Mobile Village trailer park. Commercial property is to the east, with some residential and commercial zoning to the south.
       A main goal is to sell the lots, averaging 2,900 square feet each, to RV owners from warmer climates (such as Arizona, which has similar resorts), who can afford a second location and who would be attracted by cooler local weather, easy access, and the site's views. “It gets hot in Arizona in the summer,” Allen said. “People can drive their RVs to Colorado Springs and sit on the front porch and see absolutely stunning views.”
       Another option, for buyers who don't already have one of the houses on wheels, is to buy a package deal that includes the lot and a cabin-styled RV. Package prices will start at $125,000, Allen said.
       Each lot will come with some landscaping and a 20-by-20-foot pad (wide enough for two cars), plus utility hook-ups.
       Allen stressed that the development is not a mobile home park, where people live year-round as an economical alternative to home ownership. The target market is people owning “absolutely spectactular” RVs in the range of $250,000 and up, she said.
       However, initially, or at least until most lots are sold, RV owners can lease the spaces for short or long periods of time. This will help give the owner an earlier return on his investment, she explained.
       A homeowners association will be established. And a park manager will live in an RV on one of the lots. No community building is planned, but an open-air pavilion could be built at a later date to allow people to assemble on site, she said.
       The first work on the project started three years ago. Final City Planning approval has allowed construction to go full tilt since April.
       An exact development cost was not available, but Allen said the amount was “in the millions.” Project superintendent Brandon Roaten estimated that the dirt costs are in the hundreds of thousands.
       Utility placement was underway this week, with street paving, pad pouring and landscaping to follow soon. Allen estimated that the first lots should be ready to be shown by August.
       For more information, call 447-0670.

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