Supervision, not homeless, was issue
       Your article and editor's column published July 19 about the OWN Picnic [and West Intergenerational Center Block Party] need response. It is clear from the article that the problems at the 2006 picnic were the result of the OWN organization being unable to plan adequately for the response to an open invitation. But then the blame shifts from an overly enthusiastic response from Westside residents to some homeless persons who showed up and misbehaved. This misbehavior could have been interrupted by the application of simple supervisory skills. Why was a “homeless man” allowed to compete with a child in a pie-eating contest? Was there no supervision?
       In your column, you suggest that the best solution for the presence of homeless men in Old Colorado City is to buy them a bus ticket out of town. Westside CARES has been providing a limited number of bus tickets to the needy for years. If you mean what you write, how many of these tickets would you like to underwrite this year? We'll be happy to provide a full accounting of how your generous donations are expended.

Stephen Brown
Westside CARES

Editor’s note: Good rejoinder, Stephen! If you can get the BOOT (bus-out-of-town) program started, we’ll kick in the first hundred dollars!