Zoo animals at Nature Center

       A new Cheyenne Mountain Zoo outreach program will bring a North American porcupine, a tiger salamander and other (as yet unknown) animals to the Bear Creek Nature Center Saturday, July 28.
       Called “Zoo on the Move,” the program will go from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at the center 245 Bear Creek Road.
       The animals will be brought in a new zoo “education van” that also will be going to the schools during the coming year, according to Allison Plute of the Nature Center. The porcupine and salamander are indigenous to Colorado. Other zoo animals July 28 will depend on which zoo volunteers are available that day, she said.
       “It's part of a program to educate people about what lives here in their backyard,” Plute explained. “We like to partner on stuff like this. We're all in the same business with education and conservation.”
       For more information, call the Nature Center at 520-6387.

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