City pleased with 31st/24, plans follow-up work

       City Traffic Engineering likes the results of the recently completed up-grades to the Highway 24/31st Street intersection.
       “It seems like it's going well,” said Scott Logan of City Traffic Engineering. “It's doing what we intended it to do.”
       Funded by the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA, the $150,000 upgrade included realigning 31st Street on both sides of the intersection, providing a third southbound lane to reduce backups and creating more green time for highway traffic by allowing simultaneous greens for both directions of 31st.
       But Logan, after hearing about a pedestrian complaint and observing the intersection himself, said the city plans to go back at some point and add a highway crossing capability (a crosswalk, handicapped ramps and push buttons) on the west side of the intersection. This is because a number of pedestrians cross on that side of the street on their way to the Red Rock shopping center.
       Another future addition will be an eastbound acceleration lane onto the highway to make access safer and easier, he said.
       Logan cleared up one uncertainty about the new work. On the southwest corner is a slighly raised strip of concrete that looks like an unfinished sidewalk. It goes about 100 feet south of the intersection, then stops. Logan clarified that the strip is actually a “truck apron,” allowing extra clearance for trucks turning onto southbound 31st. There is no room for a sidewalk on that side because of the steep slope there, he said.

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