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City Fire Department offers chipping service in Midland neighborhood week of Aug. 8

       Once they've registered for the program, residents of the Midland/Bott Park neighborhood can set out brush and tree branches and have them chipped by Colorado Springs Fire Department crews during the week of Aug. 8.
       The department offers the service as part of fire mitigation efforts in the western part of the city near the mountains between the Air Force Academy and Fort Carson, which is known as the wildland urban interface (WUI).
       Registration includes individually arranging with mitigation staff to visit your house (no charge) to recommend what might be cut back to improve fire safety.
       For more information (including verification of which neighborhood your residence is defined as being in), contact Amy Sylvester, the city's wildfire mitigation program coordinator, at 385-7342 or asylvester@springsgov.com. Signups are also possible from this link on the City Fire Department website: https://csfd.coloradosprings.gov/page/wildfire-mitigation.
       The Midland neighborhood, named after the railroad that once had its headquarters in the roundhouse at present-day Highway 24 and 21st Street, covers the area southwest of there - west to the city limits and south to about Busch Avenue. Some people also know this as the “Bott Park” area.
       Other Westside WUI neighborhoods with scheduled chipping weeks later this year are:
       - Friendship/Crescent, week of Oct. 10
       - Kissing Camels, week of Oct. 10
       Already chipped this year on the Westside were the Cedar Heights, Mesa, Pleasant Valley and Panorama neighborhoods, the Fire Department website shows.

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(Posted 7/27/16, updated 7/28/16; Community: Public Safety)

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