What do you do?
Trish Doyle-Stahl

Where do you work and what is your title?
       My husband Kenny and I own ReVibe Pilates & Bodywork. I am the Pilates instructor and he is a licensed massage therapist.
What do you do there and/or what are you responsible for?
       I teach equipment and mat Pilates classes. I am responsible for everything from reception and marketing right down to cleaning.
How long have you been doing this kind of work (total)? How long on the Westside?
       Four years; one year here on the Westside.
What do you like best about it (other than quitting time)?
       I love the fact that I can work barefoot in comfy clothes... no more suits...woo hoo!! Truly, the best part of my work is helping clients achieve their goals of gaining strength, better posture, flexibility and a toned body.
If you could change one thing (other than pay), what would it be?
       To hire a Pilates instructor. This is a good complaint as I never expected this need so soon.
What part of your work did your training/education never prepare you for?
       For the many challenges, good and bad, in running a small business. Incorporated in the Pilates training are hypothetical situations – for example, how to work with someone who has curvature of the spine. What it doesn’t prepare you for is someone who might have more than one health issue. So, I have a guideline that I work from, but I redesign the program around the client’s individual needs. There is no “one size fits all” program because not everyone who comes in to take a class is perfectly fit. As for the group mat classes, I’ve had to learn how to challenge the advanced students while meeting the needs of beginning and intermediate students.
What makes working on the Westside special?
       It's the spirit of the community, the magnificent views and how Old Colorado City reminds me of my hometown in Ireland.

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