Frequently asked questions on meter plan

       The following information is taken from a fact sheet provided by Council-man Jerry Heimlicher about the homeless/parking meter program proposed by himself and Mayor Lionel Rivera.
       How will it work? Special parking meters will be placed in retail establishments, schools, businesses and city buildings that will accept pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. The money collected will be delivered to Homeward Pikes Peak (the umbrella organization for homeless concerns) where it will be distributed to non-profit agencies that deal with homeless, alcohol and drug issues.
       What is special about the parking meters? The Smokebrush Foundation has been painting the meters, readying them to be placed in a business that agrees to participate. These meters can be custom-painted - for example, in fiesta colors for a Mexican restaurant.
       How many meters will be distributed? The hope is for 50 meters in locations by this year's end and 100 by the end of 2009.
       How many meters do you have now? We have five meters decorated and 25 meters that are ready to be decorated.
       How much of the funds collected will be used for the causes mentioned above? Donations will be solicited to cover all of the administrative expenses of the program so that 100 percent of the money put in the meters will be used for the causes.
       How much money do you have? Wal-Mart has donated $2,500 to begin the program.
       What are the expenses? Mainly, the purchase of used parking meters, their repair, decoration and collection of the money.
       Who will do the work? Volunteers are needed for the following:
  • Solicit businesses to place meters in the variouslocations.
  • Collect the funds and deposit them in the bank.
  • Decorate the meters.
  • Design signage to explain the meters to the public.
  • Solicit donations.
  • Work with Homeward Pikes Peak on distribution of the funds.
  • Revise the Homeward Pikes Peak website to accommodate this program.
  • Develop educational materials to help the public understand how and why this program was developed.
  • Name the program.
           For more information, call Heimlicher at 385-5470 or e-mail

    Westside Pioneer/press release