Past racers convene for annual reunion

       While the current generation of drivers readied for this year's race on the Big Mountain (it was held July 20), many of the heroes of past Pikes Peak Hill Climbs got together to talk about old times July 18. Attendees at the annual Pikes Peak Hill Climb’s “Over the Hill Gang” reunion – many of them former racers – posed 
outside for a group photo July 18. 
Westside Pioneer photo
       It was the annual reunion of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb Historical Association (aka the "Over the Hill Gang"). "It's kind of fun, all the old guys together talking about old stuff," said its president, Dave Bachoroski.
       The reunion luncheon was held inside the Garden of the Gods Trading Post, while outside was parked the trailer that houses the Pikes Peak Hill Climb's Mobil Museum (containing graphic exhibits of old cars and racers), as well as a car that former driver Ed Cox drove in the 1950s and '60s.
       Cox noted casually what led him to rebuild the frame. "I took one of those 'scenic tours' one time," he laughed.
       The reunion attracted about 100 people. Bachoroski, who used to test cars for General Motors and estimates he's driven up the mountain 3,500 times, noted that the association is open not only to past drivers. Current members include timers, mechanics, volunteers and spectators. "All they've got to have is an interest in the history of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb," he said.
       During the luncheon, "gang" member Chris Verlo gave a slide show illustrating the history of the Hill Climb. He emphasized the many changes in the types of cars and even the road surface (from dirt to pavement in recent years.) "The only thing that hasn't changed," he said, "is the mountain."

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