‘Temporary’ shooting range shutdown after accidental death

       In the wake of an apparent accidental shooting death July 18, an emergency closure was implemented July 21 for the South Rampart Shooting Range in the Pike National Forest, Pikes Peak Ranger District.
       In announcing the closure at a press conference July 21, Forest Supervisor Bob Leaverton set no date for a reopening. “We want to review the situation and make sure we can reopen it with safety… We'll look at the causes and see if we can prevent this in the future,” he said.
       About 40,000 people a year use the range, located off the Rampart Range Road west of the Garden of the Gods in the Pike and San Isabel National Forest. The Forest Service has not staffed the shooting range on a regular basis, but relied on volunteer assistance and individual responsibility.
       The July 18 death of Aurora resident Otis Freison was the first fatality at the site since the range opened in 1990, according to Brent Botts, Pikes Peak District Ranger.

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