Imagination Celebration reaches out to new West Elementary

       West Elementary, a new District 11 school set to open in August, will be a beneficiary of the Imagination Celebration this year.

"Great Adirondack Butter-fly" (Brigitte Reydams), near the Colorado City Creamery.
Courtesy of Imagination Celebration

“Four Seasons,” by Carol Falls, outside the Hunter-Wolff Gallery.
Courtesy of Imagination Celebration

       The annual citywide creative event includes “Butterflies and Friends”- a project in which 30 design-juried butterfly sculptures have been placed at locations around town this summer (including outside the Colorado City Creamery and Hunter-Wolff Gallery on the Westside), and the school will receive part of the proceeds when they are sold at an auction Sept. 19.
       Deborah Thornton, the Imagination Celebration director (whose official title is “curious choreographer of creativity”), said the school was chosen for help because its development inside the West Middle School building resulted from D-11 closing three schools (Buena Vista, Whittier and Washington).
       “We couldn't keep them from closing,” she said. “But we want the students and families to know the community is behind them.”
       Sharing in the auction proceeds will be Hunt Elementary, a downtown-area school which will be taking students this year from the former Adams Elementary.
       Thornton also has free tickets to an Imagination Celebration event Sunday, July 26 from 1 to 6 p.m. at the Pikes Peak Center. The 20th annual Free Family Festival Day will include indoor and outdoor art activities, including chances to watch or participate in painting, music, dance and theater. People can attend the event without tickets, but they may need them because of possible space limitations for hour-long main-stage shows at 2 and 4 p.m., Thornton explained.
       The tickets will be available on the Westside at the Old Colorado City Library, 2418 W. Colorado Ave.; and the West Center, 1628 W. Bijou St.

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