Planners to meet public at proposed redevelopment at 3162 Colorado Avenue

       Colorado Springs Planning has scheduled an on-site neighborhood meeting for Monday, July 26 at 3162 W. Colorado Ave., where a proposed redevelopment would increase the number of units from 7 to 16.
       The meeting will be from 7 to 8 p.m., according to James Mayerl, senior city planner for the Westside. The project is proposed by the firm of Yergensen, Obering and Whitaker, as stated in plans submitted to City Planning.
       For many years a motel with stand-alone cottages, the slightly more than half-acre property would have four of its cottages renovated and one converted to a common laundry room in the project. Ten new apartment units would be added in two buildings. Like the existing cottages, each of the new units would have one bedroom.
       The smallest unit would be 240 square feet (existing); the largest would be between 600 and 700 square feet, based on the plans.
       Improvements would also be made to the existing property fence, and there would be a new trash enclosure, the plans show.
       Because the zoning matches the plan, the approval can be administrative. I think the project could improve the site some, Mayerl said. A development plan and variance is all the approvals they need.
       The variance would be to the city's front yard setback regulation; one building would be within 10 feet of Pikes Peak Avenue (where there's also an entrance) instead of 20.
       Around the property is a mix of single-family homes (on Pikes Peak Avenue) and multifamily residences (on Colorado Avenue).

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