EDITORíS DESK: Republicans should vote for Clark

       The District 3 county commissioner's race reached an ugly head this week. For those of you who pay little heed to primary races, there are two Republican candidates - Jack Gloriod and Sallie Clark.
       Gloriod is a former military man, decorated in Vietnam, who went on to start a successful real-estate business with his wife, Becky, in the Cheyenne area, and he has also worked on various volunteer boards and committees. Sallie Clark, who has owned a Westside bed and breakfast with her husband, Welling, for 18 years, became involved in local issues in the late '90s, including preventing the closure of Fire Station 3, working with the Organization of Westside Neighbors and serving on City Council from 2001 to 2003.
       But these summaries don't tell a whole lot about the individuals. The current political campaign has. In preparation for the Aug. 10 primary, Clark has run an energetic campaign, focusing on issues and meeting the public. It's been hard to gauge Gloriod. His public appearances have been minimal, and he's made little effort to get news about himself out to the media.
       He revealed himself this week. In one of the most incredible political gaffes I've ever seen, he accused Clark of stopping a road as a council member when the facts clearly show she tried to get it built (see news story on Page 1). Gloriod did not research the matter first; he acted on information from someone who remains anonymous. Even when confronted with his error, he displayed scant interest in talking to those who could explain the truth.
       This sort of behavior should make all Republicans grateful that someone as smart, experienced and level-headed as Clark is in the race. She definitely gets this newspaper's nod.

- K.J.