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Sewer-line upgrade in project on north side of Highway 24

Looking west along the north side of Highway 24 (the 31st Street intersection is just visible at the upper left), the temporary sewer lines can be seen along the ground. In the background is a part of the crew from Layne Inliner, a contractor with Colorado Springs Utilities. The sewer-line work started in early July and is expected to continue into early August.
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       If you've wondered about those long, intermittently black and white, hose-like objects on the north side of Highway 24 between 31st and 21st streets, they are temporary sewer lines.
       They are being used to keep the sanitary-sewer system operational while a Colorado Springs Utilities contractor installs what's called a "structural liner" into the permanent metal pipe that's underground, paralleling the highway.
       The installation work is expected to continue into early August, according to Jerry Sanchez, head of a crew with Layne Inliner, the contractor.
       The project was not the result of any emergency, he added, but part of ongoing efforts by Springs Utilities to extend the life span of its sewer pipes and make them as structurally sound as possible.
       Before the liner technology was developed in recent years, entities such as Springs Utilities would have to dig trenches to fix water and sewer lines. In the work along Highway 24, crews are using the manholes that exist at intervals to inject the liner into the underground pipe, Sanchez explained

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(Posted 7/24/14, updated 8/1/14; Projects: Utilities)

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