Meet a Westsider:
Tiffany Paisley

Profession/Occupation... I am the teen liaison at the Old Colorado City Library, having started there after my husband and I moved to the Westside four years ago. I am also a senior at the University of Colorado Denver, majoring in English writing. I plan to pursue a master's in library science.

What I like most about the Westside is... our sense of a small community within a larger town and our rich Westside history.

If I could change anything about the Westside, it would be... more community outreach and help for the seemingly increasing number of methamphetamine addicts living on the Westside.

A good movie Iíve seen recently is... nothing recently, but I am looking forward to ďThe Hunger Games,Ē an adaptation of the young adult book that is Pikes Peak Library District's selection for this year's All Pikes Peak Reads.

I'd like to discover... the future - I want to know what our world will be like in 100 years.

If I could meet someone famous, Iíd like to meet... Leonard Cohen. I am a big fan of the singer/songwriter genre and I think he'd have some wisdom to share. I saw him at Red Rocks and he was phenomenal.

The next time I travel, Iím going... Twin Falls, Idaho, with my husband to visit my family.

My favorite childhood memory is... spending the summer in Maine with my grandparents. Both were incredibly interesting people. She was a writer who collected D.H. Lawrence books and an academic librarian. He was an artist who started the art department at the University of Maine. They both had a huge impact on my life, not so much in what they did, but how they were - they treated everyone equally, no matter their social stature, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

My favorite summer pastime is... going to outdoor music festivals.

Something good Iíve read is... Delirium, a young adult novel by Lauren Oliver about a dystopian society where logic is their religion and love is a fallacy. At 18, people undergo a procedure to remove their ability to love.

My pet peeve is... contempt prior to investigation. Also, when people say, "It won't work" or "Nobody told me."

If I didnít have to work for a year, I would... travel: New York City, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Nova Scotia, New Mexico (I know this is random, but that's how I roll).

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