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In memoriam: T.J. McGinty, Westside entrepreneur, philanthropist

T.J. McGinty
Courtesy of McGinty family
       T.J. McGinty, 63, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, musician, family man and Westside resident since 1981, died July 19 after battling cancer for close to a year.
       He is survived by his wife Susan, son Ryan, daughter Kelsey, brother Robert, sister Tracy and a grandson.
       A celebration of life service is scheduled Saturday, July 25 at 1 p.m. at the Westside Community Center, 1628 W. Bijou Ave., overseen by the Cappadona Funeral Home.
       T.J. was born June 15, 1952, in Washington, D.C. Raised in a military family in which there was a divorce, he had different homes growing up, living chiefly in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Cleveland, Ohio.
       According to Sue McGinty, T.J. moved to Colorado Springs in 1971 as part of his involvement with Young Life, a Christian outreach program for high schoolers.
       He played guitar in rock and country bands, using the earnings to put himself through Colorado College, she said.
       They were married Jan. 3, 1987.
       T.J. worked with different business enterprises over the years. These included the American Dental Group, which he started and sold in 2008; and Gibson Guitars, for which he was an international sales representative.
       His philanthropic efforts, supported by his family, reflected a desire to help people at the lowest level of povery. Most prominent was his nonprofit relief work in Haiti. He would gather donations to help with necessities and improvement projects in specific locations there. One such trip, reported in the Westside Pioneer of Jan. 28, 2010, took place after a major earthquake in Haiti earlier that month. T.J. and his son Ryan managed to circumvent bureaucracy and widespread looting to deliver water, food and medical supplies. The recipients included two orphanages.
       T.J.'s last trip to Haiti was in April, again accompanied by Ryan. “He wanted to say good-bye,” Sue commented.
       T.J. gained local hero status in 2005 by convincing City Council to reverse a city staff prohibition on horses (including one belonging to Kelsey) in Promontory Open Space, near their home.

Westside Pioneer/obituary
(Posted 7/22/15; Community: In Memoriam)

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