Burroughs founded Silver Key in ‘71

       Just a quick correction to your article in the July 13th issue, “Morse takes leave…” Mikki Kraushaar did not start Silver Key, and it was not started in 1979.
       Betsey Myers Burroughs is the founder of Silver Key. She began forming the ideas for this organization in February of 1969 after having faced her own mother's placement in a nursing home and eventual death.
       The organization obtained its 501(c)(3) status in May of 1971 under the name “El Paso County Nursing Homes Volunteer Corps.” Mikki Kraushaar (then Goetzmann) was hired as “administrator” in October of 1971 as the second employee of record. Although the name Silver Key (given by Mrs. Burroughs) was adopted prior, it was not until December of 1973 that we officially took the name of “Silver Key Senior Services, Inc.” on record.
       Please know that the work that Mikki gave to this organization was nothing less than spectacular and we feel the impact of her contributions to this day. Her legacy will, indeed, live on in Silver Key. However, we cannot forget our founder and the wonderful work and concept that should be rightfully credited to her. She is a phenomenal woman with tremendous compassion who recently wrote to me that, “Silver Key is one of my biggest sources of pride and satisfaction…” We thank her as well for her contributions to include researching, forming, and spearheading this organization into becoming such a “key” part of the lives of so many seniors.
       Thank you!

Joanne Francies
Director of Administra-tive Services, Silver Key Senior Services