Meet a Westsider:
Cynthia McGrath

Profession/Occupation... A Realtor and volunteer board member with the Holland Park Community Association (HPCA) – website:

What I like most about the Westside is... It's a metropolitan mountain town and I love it! I moved here for the great views and easy access to the mountains and trails. We spend a lot of time outside; and the Westside has great people to share it with. I enjoy the convenient access to the highway and downtown; I'd say it's the perfect location in Colorado Springs.

If I could change anything about the Westside, it would be... More city capital improvement, by using what we already have... less trash and weeds. Let's use the buildings we have, and not build any more for a while. Too often I see overgrown weeds that are well over a foot tall, mainly around empty buildings. If the city doesn't have the revenue to pay people to do these jobs, why can't people just help out and do some of the clean-up themselves, rather than drive by and look the other way, and let someone else take care of it? How hard it is to make a difference? If each one of us did a small part, it would be huge!

A good movie I’ve seen recently is... “Into the Wild.” It was an amazing story. I appreciate how determined he was to get to Alaska. He was so focused on his goal.

The worst advice I’ve ever gotten was... “You should taste this, it's not HOT!” I don't really care for extra-spicy foods.

The next time I travel, I’m going to... to go backpacking with my husband in Yosemite.

My favorite childhood memory is... Spending summers on the lake swimming, swinging on rope swings, and water skiing.

My favorite summer pastime is... One thing I really appreciate about Colorado Springs summers is the cooling of the afternoon weather, the swirling winds, sometimes bringing in light afternoon or evening rains with thundering lightning storms. It smells so clean at that time of day.

Something good I’ve read is.. “Child Astrology,” by M.J. Abadie – a guide to nurturing your child's natural gifts. It is interesting to me how so many people born about the same time of year have very similar traits. Knowing those traits and working with the child's personality, particularly during the child's different development stages, has been helpful with my children.

My pet peeve is... Telemarketers – I've been one, and don't like them. After 50 times of ignoring the caller id, you'd think they would stop calling back. Yes, I renewed the do not call list. They still call.

If I won the lottery, I’d... I already have… I met my husband! He's so patient with me. If I won some money, I'd buy him a motorhome, take that trip he talks about. We'd then go clothes shopping. I would start that city beautification program and hire all of the landscapers that are not working. I would also use the money to teach my children how to build a fantastic portfolio for their retirement.

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