Veggie meal for cowboys? ‘Dinner Impossible’ films episode during rodeo

       Westside locations could be featured in an episode of “Dinner Impossible” on the Food Network next fall.
       A program was filmed July 12, in which 150 cowboys competing in the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo at the Norris-Penrose Event Center were invited to chow down on a feast prepared by the cable program's new chef, Michael Symon, according to Sarah Muir, marketing director for the Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA).
       Symon and his crew were also spotted earlier that day, buying ingredients (reportedly a lot of garlic and peaches) at the Farmers' Market next to Bancroft Park.
       But little more is known about the celebrity culinary happening. Muir said she has been sworn to silence on most details by the Food Network. For example, she could not confirm or deny a comment from Bill Miller, Norris-Penrose manager, that it was a vegetarian meal.
       “We told them [the cowobys] 'Hey, it's a free meal, tell them if you like it or not,'” Miller also said in a separate interview. But he advised calling the PRCA for other info.
       A big uncertainty is whether the Pikes Peak or Bust cowboy feast will even be aired. According to Muir, the Food Network shows 10 episodes a year of “Dinner Impossible,” but “they film more than that.” She said she hopes to know within a month “because they're getting ready to air the fall season.”
       The usual formula for “Dinner Impossible” is to fly the chef to a surprise location, then give him five hours to prepare a huge meal and see how many diners find it tasty.

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