COBWEB CORNERS: Things that were once common

By Mel McFarland

       Every now and then I hear from some of you about things that were once common. This week I want to throw out a few names, and maybe they will stir a memory or two. When I've talked about stores and businesses along Colorado Avenue, I've almost always included the Merri-Lane Restaurant. It was a family favorite, There was also the Fireside up near 33rd Street. Cy's Drive-In (then on Colorado) has also been included when I've written about hamburger places.
       Can you remember when there were only two local television stations? How about when there were only three radio stations? In the 1960s, those numbers grew. The first TV I saw was a Denver station on a very snowy screen! KRDO had a well-known local announcer, Wes Bradley. He was their first TV host when he hosted an evening show from their bare studio, and did a series on how to build a TV set. KKTV was on south Tejon in the old streetcar barn, but it made a fair studio.
       Old Colorado City had a couple of car dealers in the '20s and '30s, but in the 1950s most were in downtown Colorado Springs. Some of the buildings are still there, but not many. Car dealers' names included Higdon, Marksheffel, Strang and Frantz.
       The subject of dairies has come up. Names such as Carlson-Frink and I-X-L far overshadowed Cox and Holland, but do you remember Scotland Pride? Meadow Gold was Mowrey's and had a store on Cache la Poudre at Colorado College with real ice cream. J's Drive-In near there used the ice cream in their milk shakes.
       When I talk about the Merri-Lane, I remember Merle Crocker's collection of old rifles that hung on the knotty pine walls. There was a long mural on one wall with an idyllic mountain scene. Up front in the window there was an organ, which several nights a week had a live organist. There was in the 50's a radio program, live from the Merri-Lane.
       Here are just a few names to stir up the memories: Pixie Land Golf, the Miracle House, Garden of the Gods Stables, Stonewall Cottages, George's Pet Supply, Colorado Springs Broom Manufacturing Company, Croffs Paint Store, as well as the well-known Don Bates Insurance (still in business), Schoch's Hardware and Roger's Bar!