What do you do?
Pamela Ross

Where do you work and what is your title?
       Im the co-owner of Artists Lair.
What do you do there and/or what are you responsible for?
       Im a clay artist. I handbuild pottery, sculpture and do commissioned pieces. I manage, decorate and clean the shop. I also photograph the pottery, design and update our webpage.
How long have you been doing this kind of work (total)? How long on the Westside?
       Ive been in management for 15-plus years (real estate executive consultant). Ive been working with clay and sculpture since I made dirt/mud cookies with coconut (grass) and rocks (nuts) as a child. I didn't find out until later that my mom never ate them! Playing with my son with modeling clay, making him sculptures of Indians, cowboys and more. Finally giving in to the desire to do it professionally. Weve been here on the Westside for about 1 1/2 years.
What do you like best about it (other than quitting time)?
       Im lucky to be able to work at my hobby, with my friends, here on the Westside.
If you could change one thing (other than pay), what would it be?
       A larger studio space and avenue frontage would be nice.
What part of your work did your training/education never prepare you for?
       Nothing. Really, I am a realist and knowing the volatility of business, I expect the unexpected pottery and people are unpredictable.
What makes working on the Westside special?
       Before moving to the Westside, my partners and I owned a pottery studio/gallery on the southeast side of town. I was raised on the Westside. It is like coming home it is still a small- town atmosphere. Friendly and outgoing. Everyone cares about their neighbors.

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