150 volunteers (and counting) for Red Rock trail project in August

       About 150 people have already signed up for the Aug. 28-29 Red Rock Canyon trail workdays,
        “We're doing real well,” said Chris Lieber, Colorado Springs Parks' trails coordinator. The work is expected to create new trails, fix up existing ones, remove fencing and do other preparation work to help the 788.1-acre Red Rock Canyon Open Space get ready for public use in September.
       City Parks is partnering in the project with the Denver-based Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC). The 150-sign-up number was provided this week by Heath Mackay, VOC projects director, adding that he anticipates additional sign-ups in the weeks ahead.
        Regarding an informally projected number of 150 volunteers for the weekend work, Lieber said no ceiling number has been set. “We don't want to turn anybody away,” he said.
       The biggest need is for crew leaders. Lieber and Mackay are appealing to area outdoor groups that have done trail work to bring forward experienced people who can serve as crew leaders Aug. 28-29. Even people who have not had formal VOC training can probably be used to lead less technical trail-building or other needed tasks, Lieber said.
       Two Colorado Springs citizens who had participated in the Red Rock Canyon planning process took crew leader training from the VOC last weekend, Lieber said. No other such training is currently planned, although a pre-project, on-site gathering of crew leaders will be scheduled the Friday before the project weekend, Mackay said.
       Red Rock Canyon was bought as city open space late last year.
       Sign-ups for Aug. 28-29 are being handled by the VOC. Those interested can call 800-925-2220 or e-mail voc@voc.org. The group is recruiting volunteers from around the state as well as Colorado Springs.

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