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Electricity bills drop a little with Drake partially back on line

       With Unit 6 of the Martin Drake Power Plant now up and running, City Council has approved Colorado Springs Utilities' request to reduce the Electric Cost Adjustment (ECA).
       The change, which took effect July 11, takes away part of the 7.4 percent ECA increase that went into effect June 1 because of the May 5 fire.
       Kim Mutchler of Utilities explained the current status as follows:
       - Typical residential bill (based on 600 kWh) in May was $71.99.
       - ECA adjustment on June 1 increased the bill by $5.34.
       - ECA adjustment on July 11 decreases the bill by $1.68.
       - Typical residential bill (based on 600 kWh) after July 11 will be $75.65.
       Located downtown near the Cimarron/I-25 interchange, “the Drake facility typically is one of our community's lowest-cost sources of power,” Mutchler explained. “Since the May 5 fire, that electricity is being replaced by Colorado Springs Utilities' own natural gas-fired plants and purchased power from other electric providers in the region, which are higher cost sources of power.”
       Drake Unit 7 is expected to be restored this fall, and an additional ECA rate reduction is likely at that time, she said.
       Mutchler elaborated that the ECA rate “is adjusted periodically to compensate for changing coal, natural gas and purchase-power costs. Colorado Springs Utilities is a not-for-profit entity and sets rates only high enough to cover the cost to provide service.”

Westside Pioneer/press release
(Posted 7/14/14; Community: Ongoing Issues)

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