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Letter regarding expansion plan: Calvary Worship Center 'very sensitive' to neighborhod

       (The following letter to the Westside Pioneer is in response to a previous letter by Mary Ross regarding the expansion proposal by the Calvary Worship Center. Click here to see Ross' letter. Click here to see the Westside Pioneer article leading up to a July 10, 2014, neighborhood meeting,)

       I have lived directly across the street from Calvary Worship Center for four years. We have found them to be very sensitive to the needs of the neighbors. Because they lack parking space, they could easily block our driveway when they park on the streets in the surrounding neighborhoods. However, only once has this been an issue. I brought it to the attention of the staff via a brief phone call and we have not had any more problems.
       Regarding the potential flooding issue, my assumption is that they are creating a plan to mitigate any such hazards before they begin construction. It is hard for me to imagine they have not thought this through.
       On the Westside, we are so fortunate to have an abundance of space for the wildlife to dwell. I am certain they will move on, perhaps to even safer locations. I love animals. Even more, I love people and am thankful that we have a wholesome organization taking up space and nourishing souls in my beloved neighborhood.

       Marcia Pottenger

(Posted 7/14/14; Opinion: Letters)

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