Trail’s 26th St. underpass under way

       For the past month, work crews have been laboring to build a segment of the Midland Trail under the 26th Street bridge over Fountain Creek.

In a photo taken from the 26th Street bridge over Fountain Creek, crews can be seen preparing forms to pour concrete for the new Midland Trail just east of where it will go under the bridge.
Westside Pioneer photo

       It's part of the trail section between 25th and 31st streets that won't open to the public till all of it is done, with the schedule saying October. The remaining work involves building trail past Vermijo Park and the Fountain Creek RV Park and crossing the creek with bridges in four places, according to John Oswald, the construction project manager for City Parks. “It's a meaningful connection,” he said. “We're very excited about it.”
       The work by project contractor Even-Preisser under the 26th Street bridge and on either side of it has involved extensive earth movement and the relocation of a utility pole. A bench about 10 feet wide and 10 feet high exists now under the bridge where there once had been space just a few feet wide - popular in the past for hobos and grafitti scrawlers.
       Oswald said the city chose to have the trail go under 26th because it was preferable to staying at street level and having people use the Highway 24 stoplight (as is the case at 8th and 31st streets).
       “It's one less vehicle crossing,” he said.
       The first part of the Midland Trail, from America the Beautiful Park to 21st Street, was built in 2004. Construction earlier this year completed portions from 31st to Ridge Road and from Columbia Road to the Manitou Springs Creek Walk near Beckers Lane.

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