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Gold Hill Mesa: Homebuilding in Filing 4, grading in Filing 5, plans for Filing 6

A backhoe helps prepare the ground for future Gold Hill Mesa townhomes at the northeast corner of 21st Street and Lower Gold Camp Road. Note the businesses in the background along the west side of 21st. The location is a short distance south of where Eclipse Drive will connect to 21st.
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Eclipse Drive will soon emerge from the construction dust to connect with 21st Street about an eighth of a mile north of Lower Gold Camp Road.
       Part of Filing 5, on which work has begun, the link will be a particularly visible sign of the steady growth in the Westside's largest development, which is closing in on 300 homes in all. Barry Brinton, Gold Hill Mesa's land manager, estimated that Eclipse will open to traffic by Sept. 1. It will line up with Skyview Lane, which currently makes a T-intersection.
       The Filing 5 plat was recorded in late June, with grading and utility work going on currently and homebuilding anticipated by September. The area is around the northeast corner of 21st and Lower Gold Camp Road. Eight single-family homes will be built along Eclipse as it swings up to 21st Street. At the corner itself will be a concentration of 38 townhomes.
       Farther along in the construction process is Filing 4 (platted for 27 single-family and 14 townhomes). Located just north of Lower Gold Camp, homes are being completed “very fast,” according to Brinton. Doing the work are the four homebuilders who contract with Gold Hill.
       Simultaneously, the city is reviewing a Gold Hill Mesa submittal for Filing 6. Laid out in keeping with the development's concept plan, Filing 6 calls for 17 homes along Raven Mine Drive. The street would be extended farther north of Gold Hill Mesa Drive to temporarily dead-end northeast of the separate Villa de Mesa development (which was built in the 1970s).

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(Posted 7/13/15, updated 7/15/15; Land Construction)

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