Here’s a real highway alternative

       The highway 24 west plan is just an expensive Band-Aid. It is time to quit making do with what we have and consider building an all-new highway. I have heard but not confirmed that as many as 20 business and 20 residences will be destroyed to obtain right away for the 24 project. Traffic interruption will be a mess; it will be cone alley.
       A new highway would take over 50 percent of the traffic away from Ute Pass, thus reducing Ute Pass and highway 24 traffic by 50 percent and making the current plan unnecessary. Securing the right away for the new highway would only take one business and a few personal residences. The cost of the new road would cut the budget, I would think, by a significant amount.
       OK, would you like to drive from 1-25 to Woodland Park in 15 minutes? Here goes. There is a gravel and dirt road from Monument which goes west to- you guessed it - Woodland Park. Let's just extend Baptist road west from 1-25 to meet that road where it turns west and widen it to four lanes. I would go along with a 25 cent toll for 5 years to make it happen.
       No cone alley for this construction. It's up to you to make it happen. You can send comments at tumbleweed2873@msn.com.

Jim Rogers