New Realty firm opens on the avenue

       The former Adobe Walls merchant consortium at 2808 W. Colorado Ave. is being transformed into the new American Spirit Realty.
       Broker C.W. Eggert, owner of the building and the business, has renovated the eastern side of the 9,600-square-foot, two-story building and plans to do the same on its west side in the coming weeks.
       In addition to the interior redo, improvements have included roof repairs, new paint, new doors, and parking lot patching and sealing. An upstairs apartment has been left unchanged for the time being.
       For the past few years, the location was known as Adobe Walls, with about 30 merchants selling their wares out of stalls within what was then a mostly open interior space.
       Eggert, a long-time area Realtor, said he was happy with his former company, but saw the availability of the 2808 building as “opportunity knocking.”
       He has two brokers in his office now and hopes to add at least 10 more.
       He proudly admits that his Realty name is driven by his personal patriotism. He runs his business the way he interprets the best traditions of the country - his brokers “have the independence to work as hard as they can or as little as they want to,” he said. However, two keys to success, he's found, are hard work and confidence and, for those who are employees at a business, to “run it like they own it.”
       The American Spirit Realty phone number is 634-0785.

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