Lewis’ eagle sculpture completed by local artist

       Peggy Lewis, the mother of the late Rick Lewis, has announced the completion of the eagle sculpture that he was working on at the time of his death. Peggy Lewis holds up one of the bronzes that have been made from the mold for the eagle sculpture that had been 
started by her late son, Rick Lewis.
Westside Pioneer photo
       Lewis, who was 52 when he died of a heart attack last fall, had owned and operated an art shop specializing in his own creations in Old Colorado City for about three years.
       The eagle, which was unfinished in the workshop of Lewis' store when he died, was completed by local artist Mark Patrick.
       Copies of the bronze are not available to the general public at this time, Mrs. Lewis said. Just a few were made initially for close family members. “We'll have the mold, so more can be produced,” she added.
       For more information, call Mrs. Lewis at 597-8970.

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