COBWEB CORNERS: ‘Lost’ town names

By Mel McFarland

       There are many places where the names have been “lost.” Some of those are in our area. I'd like to run through a few and see if you remember some of them.
       On the Midland railroad there was a place called Beckers. It was about where the old car museum was, just inside Manitou. Have you ever heard of Kelker? It is the railroad yard near the Criminal Justice Center that the Army uses. Have you heard of Hulbert? How about Lime Rock or Edlowe? Hulbert was a Midland spot at about Eighth Street, Lime Rock was above Manitou, while Edlowe was almost to Divide!.
       Franceville and Franceville Junction were on the old C&S north of Fountain, which is now Marksheffel Road, but did you know France was a former mayor of Colorado City? When there were coal mines at Franceville, the area was used as a park. The area was important for coal mining between 1880 and 1920. Today there are still some building remains near Franceville. It is about two miles east of Marksheffel and two miles south of "Farmers Highway" (Colorado 94). Or should I say about a mile west of Schriever Air Force Base?
       How about Manitou Junction? It was a railroad terminal on the Old C&S at the Junction of US 24 and Colorado 94. NOT anywhere near Manitou. How about Grandview or Bierstadt? Grandview was about four miles north of Franceville, while Bierstadt was on the Banning-Lewis Ranch along US 24 between Manitou Junction and Falcon.
       I know some of these are not in the Colorado City area, but did you ever hear of Buzzard, Pikeview, McFerran, Breed, Elsmere, Edgerton, Sommers or Adams' Crossing? Many of these are now inside the city limits of Colorado Springs. There were several places on the Gold Camp Road too. Some were just railroad stations, like Summit, but others were towns, like Clyde and Love. Irving Howbert even had a town named after him out in South Park on the Colorado Midland, but my favorite South Park town will always be Glentivar.