Douglas Creek Trail: Utilities finishes below ground, City Parks begins above

       Trail users in Holland Park will have to wait a few more weeks before the Douglas Creek Trail reopens.
       Until about the end of the month is how long it is likely to take to perform preliminary upgrades and pave the slightly over one-half-mile multi-use path, according to a recent interview with Jeff Haley of City Parks.
       That work got started last week while Colorado Springs Utilities finished up its project to lay in a new sewer line next to Douglas Creek on either side of Holland Park Boulevard.
       The trail closed in early May between Chestnut Street and Holland Park Boulevard when the Utilities project started.
       Two main upgrades for City Parks contractor Even Preisser involve lowering the trail about a foot to provide clearance beneath an overhead water line and replacing a decrepit wooden bridge. “Under it is scary,” Haley said. “Several cross-members are cracked or split.” A new crossingwill eliminate the drainage with a culvert, so a bridge is no longer needed.
       A traffic-calming project is still foreseen by city officials for Holland Park Boulevard between Vondelpark Drive and Leyden Lane after the trail work is finished.

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