Fontmore narrowed for water work

       Traffic was being restricted to one lane each way along Fontmore Road this week with the start of a water-main replacement project that's expected to last until the end of July.
       Colorado Springs Utilities is replacing a 12-inch-diameter main between Panorama Drive and 30th Street. The goal is “to improve water service reliability in the area,” according to Dave Grossman of Utilities.
       Business and residential access will remain open during construction, however traffic delays are expected. Motorists are strongly encouraged to use alternate routes whenever possible, he said.
       While not expected, there is always a risk for intermittent and/or emergency interruptions in water service to area homes and businesses. Scheduled service interruptions will be communicated to customers 24 hours in advance, Grossman said.
       In the project, crews “will be replacing 350 feet of pipe there that has experienced a lot of ground shifting and a number of leaks/breaks,” he explained. “This case is unusual in that the existing pipe is only about 13 years old. It's made out of ductile iron pipe, which does not handle ground movement as well as the new high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe that we will install there.”
       Elsewhere, around 28th and Kiowa streets, Utilities is reportedly finishing a wastewater rehabilitation project that has closed different side streets in that area for the past few weeks. The city will be restoring/ paving the street over the next few days, Grossman said.

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