Fire task force meets with increase in scope

       The citizen task force for the Colorado Springs Fire Department has begun meeting again - and this time the 30-member group has a broader scope.
       The membership is expanded from the original 25 that met several times last spring in an effort to advise the Fire Department on a fire-station relocation plan that included slightly relocating the Westside's Station 3 and making it the primary responder for the downtown.
       Four Westsiders remain from the original group. These are Sallie Clark and Bob and Rose Kliewer of the Organization of Westside Neighbors and Welling Clark, chairman of the Public Safety Sales Tax Oversight Committee.
        The broader scope for the body was directed by City Council in May after task force recommendations differed noticeably from those of the Fire Department. One of these regarded Station 3, on which the task force suggested leaving it as it is, where it is.
       The first meeting of the reconvened task force was scheduled July 7. Plans call for the group to meet “regularly” (no schedule of dates yet) until September, when a “long-range, citywide fire protection plan” is to be presented to City Council, according to a city press release. The public meetings will be at the fire headquarters on Printers Parkway.
        One difference in this round of task-force meetings is that they will be run by a facilitator this time, rather than by a Fire Department official.

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