Biz buzz:
Upgrades at Thirstyís, Auto Star

       Two businesses across the street from each other - Thirsty's Tavern and Auto Star Auto Sales at 21st Street and Sheldon Avenue - have been implementing improvements to their properties.
        Thirsty's is roofing over its upstairs deck, and Auto Star is upgrading the embankment at the southeast corner of the property.
       The roof work (no walls) will allow the tavern's roughly 400-square-foot deck to still have fresh air while protecting customers from the elements, according to owner Dean Gardner. He's thinking about adding roll-up curtains for the colder months..
       At Auto Star, a skid loader has been positioning the 2-by-2-by-8-foot blocks (weighing 2 tons each) that stabilize the embankment, according to business manager John Dues. The alignment is also in conjunction with city plans to eventually run the Midland Trail past the south end of the property, he said.
       An Advance Auto Parts store has been proposed at the site of the former Texaco station at the southeast corner of Highway 24 and 21st Street.
       Colorado Springs Planning has been reviewing the development plan.
       According to James Mayerl, chief planner for the Westside, the existing zoning is correct for such a store, so its plan can be reviewed administratively.
       He said he expects to send out a review letter July 12, containing issue-related comments from different city departments in addition to Planning Staff.
       There are currently four Advance Auto Parts in Colorado Springs, none on the Westside. A Checker Auto Parts store is at 26th and Highway 24.

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