Appreciated Ruth Vrooman memoriam
       I thoroughly enjoy reading your newspaper and receive it by mail as I live in Aurora, Colorado. I grew up on the Westside from 1961 to 1972, went to Whittier School then on to Howbert Elementary when it was finished, to West Side Junior High, and on to graduate from Palmer High School. The Pioneer keeps me informed of the happenings on the Westside and I frequently learn about old friends and events that I enjoyed as I grew up here. I now spend one week out of every month staying with my father who lives on Castle Road, and I check the newspaper to let me know what streets are being repaired or closed, what favorite restaurants are being remodeled or closed and whether or not the sharrows will really be painted on our streets.
       I was especially moved by the “In Memoriam: Ruth Vrooman” article of June 23, 2011. I was a classmate of Ruth's daughter Sally, and Ruth was our Girl Scout leader. Most of our meetings were held in the nook across from the old wood stove near the kitchen of the White House Ranch” as it was called then. We rowed across the pond that was once on the east side of the house, hiked to the old reservoir for our powwows and camped on the Wolf Ranch. I have many fond memories of Ruth and her leadership with the Girl Scouts. She taught us the value of group cooperation, paying dues to an organization (10 cents per meeting), sharing and selling cookies, and how to build a campfire. Indeed she was my role model as I became a Girl Scout leader for my own daughters in the '80s. Ruth's skills in discipline, kindness, encouragement, caution and love were passed down to the next generation. She has always held a special place in my heart. Thank you, Westside Pioneer for including her memoriam in your paper, and thank you for keeping me informed of events in my home town.

Ann Bonifas Snipes