EDITORíS DESK: An appeal to our readers Ė thatís you!

       It being rodeo season puts in perspective the history of this newspaper - a wild, unpredictable ride, with a clock that has now ticked off eight years instead of the bronc or bull riders' eight seconds.
       What's interesting about our Westside Pioneer "ride" is that it's been in an arena of our own making. From the get-go, we set out to create a newspaper that for once would be dedicated to the Westside. Not to Manitou. Not to the Broadmoor. Not to Rockrimmon. Not to the downtown. Not anywhere but this relatively tiny enclave that's remained linked to the spirit of the hardy - some might even say foolhardy - pioneers who believed that Colorado City could endure, and who left us, as local historical supporter Kristine Van Wert has pointed out, with one of the few intact Old West downtowns in America.
       We believed that this part of the city was unique and special, and we still do. That may have cost us cozy deals or social ladder-climbing, because it's a safe bet that the "important" people in the Springs don't hang out here - generally looking on the Westside as a kind of redheaded zoo oddity that mysteriously did not get assimilated with the 1917 annexation.
       But insulting important people is not the purpose of today's column (though it is fun). No, today we are making an appeal to the people we do value, and that is you, our loyal readers. Before you get the wrong idea, this is not some kind of fundraising request. But it would also be false to say money is not an issue. The continuing recession is hammering local businesses, which in turn is hammering our advertising revenues. Maybe we could have started publishing a quarterly marijuana review, like another weekly in town, but we just decided that wasn't us.
       Anyway, here's what we would like you to do. It's pretty simple, really. Just check out our advertisers and tell them you saw their ads in our paper. We can't vouch for all the products of each and every one, but we have dealt with them all personally, and they wouldn't be in here if we felt they were crooked. So that's it. Go shopping. That's how you can help us keep this wild ride going.

- K.J.