Trails opened up in southeast Red Rock Canyon

       Close to two miles of trails in the southeast portion of Red Rock Canyon Open Space have been officially opened this summer by Colorado Springs Parks.
       Because the trails are chiefly dirt roads that had been carved out by the family that owned the property before the city bought it in 2003, no special development work was needed on them, according to Parks Development Manager Chris Lieber. “It made sense” to open them, he said, after construction last month of what's being called the Lower Hogback Trail between the new 31st Street trailhead on the east edge of Red Rock and the interior of the 788.1-acre open space.
       “Those trails have been getting tremendous use anyway, and they are part of the Red Rock Master Plan,” Lieber said. “We just ask folks to stay on the roads.”
       The new trails go south in two places from the Lower Hogback Trail. One is called the Hogback Valley Trail and the other is the Red Rock Rim Trail, which connects to the Lion Trail, which curves around to link with Hogback Valley. A map sign with this information has been posted at the 31st Street trailhead.
       One area that the newly opened trails go near - but which people are asked to stay away from - is the old landfill in the southeast part of the property. The landfill, which will have half-life issues for about another 15 years, has a four-foot-high fence around it.
       Also in the southeast vicinity, according to the Master Plan, will eventually be a trailhead near the site of the old landfill access off 26th Street. However, no date for its construction has been set as yet.

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