City manager backs district on key crosswalk

       A long-desired crosswalk for 24th Street at Colorado Avenue may become a reality, in the wake of a visit by City Manager Lorne Kramer to a meeting July 5 of the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District Advisory Committee.
       In addition, Kramer told the committee he has appointed City Parking Administrator Greg Warnke as his “official liaison” to the district, pledged to send Code Enforcement officers to Old Colorado City to look at newsbox right-of-way violations and supported Warnke's idea for a cycled light at Colbrunn Court to ease 24th Street pedestrian crossings.
       Kramer's visit followed a complaint by Committee Chair Judy Kasten at a City Council meeting in May that city government discriminates against Old Colorado City.
       A stoplight or at least a crosswalk at 24th and Colorado has been on the district's wish list for some time, especially with the continuing popularity of events at Bancroft Park and the summer Farmers' Market on 24th Street. But requests from the city have brought no change to the situation, and recently, Kasten told Kramer, she had been told by a City Traffic Engineering official that a crosswalk could not go in at the intersection “because they didn't want to encourage people crossing there.”
       Both Kramer and Warnke expressed surprise at that, and Warnke said he would talk to the head of Traffic Engineering.
       While not favoring a blinking caution light at 24th and Colorado (as suggested by committee member Jim Heikes), “a crosswalk I don't see any problem with,” Kramer commented at one point. He also asked why, if a crossing is not wanted at that location, curb cuts/pedestrian ramps exist on both sides of the street.
       Warnke's involvement with the district came about through the recent parking meter rate increase, in which the Maintenance District had to lobby for a share of the new money. The district has since been approved for an overlay of its parking lots, and is working up a list of other upgrade needs. Warnke said some of these may be more properly addressed by City Engineering, and he pledged to talk to its department head to see how best to proceed.
       He also said he would talk to the city official in charge of stoplight timing to see what might be involved in changing the Colbrunn light, which is now pedestrian- activated, into a cycled light.

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