Reunion July 20-22 for Coronado High’s Class of ‘87

       Dan Hoff liked going to Coronado High School. The member of the Class of '87 liked it so well that he came back to the school as a teacher eight years ago.
       Now he's leading his graduating class's 20-year reunion July 20-22. “We want to find everyone from our class,” the Business Education Depart-ment chairman said in a recent interview.
       So far, so good. The national average of finding people for reunions is 30 percent; Hoff, with the help of a few former classmates, has located nearly half of their class' 353 graduates.
       “It's been fun to reconnect people,” he said.
       But it's been getting harder of late. After the initial successes, “we're not finding them as easily as we'd hoped.” A goal had been to reach 200, and he's not sure if that will be attained. “I think we had a lot of renegades in our class,” Hoff chuckled.
       His own affection for Coronado is based on his experiences as a student and teacher. “I think it's one of the few schools left in the city with a deep sense of community,” he said. “The Westside is where all the natives of the city seem to come from. And it's underestimated for its academic excellence. We put out some of the top kids in the city academically.”
       If the school has any drawback, it's architectural. When he was a student, “we used to have a beautiful view of Pikes Peak,” he said. “There was a breezeway with grass, but since then they added the cafeteria.”
       Hoff's school spirit may continue at least one more generation. “I have a 6-year-old, and she says she wants to be a 'Coug,' ” he enthused.
       For more information, call Hoff at 200-2872 or e-mail him at There is also a website:

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