3 lanes on I-25 north of GoG Road; work continues at Bijou/Colorado

       After about two years of construction, I-25 opened this week to three lanes each way from Garden of the Gods Road to North Academy Boulevard as part of the COSMIX I-25 widening project.
       This leaves the chief remaining COSMIX effort in the area of Bijou Street and Colorado Avenue. The Bijou bridge is planned to open in October while work is expected to continue on the avenue overpass into “late fall,” according to Kyle Troxel of project contractor Rockrimmon Constructors.
       He described the construction, which widens the bridge over the avenue almost entirely on the Monument Creek side, as “very tricky.”
       The current status is that demolition of the old overpass is complete, with two lanes of traffic in each direction squeezed onto the recently built northbound side of the overpass.
       As construction starts on the new southbound side, daytime avenue traffic underneath continues to be constrained to two lanes eastbound and one lane westbound. Overnight avenue closures will temporarily halt, but are likely to pick up again in mid-July, Troxel said.
       In other COSMIX news…
       The stops for both Mountain Metro Transit and the free COSMIX shuttle bus have been moved to the northwest corner of Spruce and Bijou streets.
       The changes became necessary after the construction-related decision to temporarily make Spruce one-way southbound from Bijou to Pikes Peak Avenue, according to Kyle Troxel of project contractor Rockrimmon Constructors.
       The shuttle bus runs daily every 20 minutes from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., taking riders to a stop on Cascade Avenue near Penrose Library.
       Occasionally through the project, westbound motorists have faced tie-ups because of work on the overpass. Troxel said this is what happened for at least a half-hour the afternoon of June 22, when westbound traffic slowed to “a trickle,” and was stopped at times for repeated stoplight cycles at Walnut Street. According to one observer, traffic backed up as far as Wahsatch Avenue.
       Troxel apologized for the jam. Workers had “gotten a little behind on schedule,” he said. “It was bad timing.”

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