EDITOR'S DESK: Recycling in the news

       For those of us who don't have a recycling component in our trash service, that was a close call last week before Bestway Disposal reached a last-minute agreement with Safeway not to shut down the “Manitou/ Westside Recycle Center.”
       According to Bestway, the clincher in the deal was the restoration of the Manitou Springs volunteer committee that had convinced the trash-hauling company to try the free service three years ago.
       The only thing that makes me wonder about that arrangement is that, with the Safeway lot on the Westside, it seems as if a Westsider or two ought to be involved with the committee, instead of letting Manitou people do the recycle-area monitoring all by themselves. I doubt Manitou would turn down an offer to help. For more information, Bestway's number is 633-8709...
       What are we going to do about those copper thieves? From all the information I've run across, they're about as low-life as people can get, whether their incentive is a meth fix or pure selfishness. I didn't want to turn the article into a tear-jerker, but the Westside thefts it summarizes caused serious replacement costs, extra work and even sadness for those who were hit. At Cucuru, Guillermo Alvarado had been very proud of the decorative copper gutters he had ordered last year, believing their beauty added to the style of his cafe and gallery. And then in two nights they were gone. I don't know what new laws our state representatives might come up with, but people need better protection...
       Finally, I just want to wish Clay Gomez good luck in his new job as West Middle School principal. He's already off to a difficult start, with the district having to shortcut the hiring process and his having to go down with the ship at ill-fated East. But no one's saying he brought on East's problems, and it would seem as if he deserves another chance. Not exactly like recycling, but close.

- K.J.