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2C roadwork locations on Westside listed through July 24

       Here are the locations scheduled by City Public Works for 2C road upgrades on the Westside during the time frame of July 11-24.
       The work will include overnight (8 p.m.-8 a.m.) milling/paving of the Garden of the Gods streets that are to be repaved this year. During this time, the park itself will be closed, as will the roads.
       Work locations:
       - Glen Eyrie Circle at 30th Street - digout.
       - Gateway Road from 30th Street to Juniper Way Loop - milling/overlay.
       - Juniper Way Loop at Gateway Road - milling/overlay.
       - Garden Drive from Juniper Way Loop to park entrance - milling/overlay.
       - Garden Lane at Garden Drive - milling/overlay.
       - Ridge Road from Pikes Peak Avenue to Garden of the Gods Park - milling/overlay.
       - Millstream Terrace from Lower Gold Camp Road to Rio Grande Street - digout.
       - Pyrite Terrace from Lower Gold Camp Road to Rio Grande Street - digout.
       - Argus Boulevard from 21st Street to Orion Drive - concrete work.
       Note that there could be traffic impacts at any time in the work locations, including the temporary loss of a through lane or even a detour around the site.
       2C was the name of the city-sponsored ballot measure that voters approved in last November's election. It established a .62 percent sales tax over a five-year span, dedicated to road improvements.
       The upgrades consist of concrete upgrades (where applicable) and new paving on a prioritized list of road segments. A city website with 2C information can be found at https://coloradosprings.gov/public-works/page/right-way-infrastructure- maintenance-funding.

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(Posted 7/9/16; Transportation: General)

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