Facade work to begin at Radio Shack center

       The eastern half of the Captain D's/Radio Shack shopping center at 402 S. Eighth St. will be getting a facelift in the coming months.
       John Arlotti of Castle Rock, who bought the entire 45,000-square-foot center in January under the name “JA JA Limited Partnership,” said in a recent interview he plans no changes to the building layouts, but starting this month his crews will be adding a rock façade and new paint to the line of storefronts that includes Radio Shack.
       The center was built in 1983, according to County Assessor's records.
       “I think this is a good street and a nice area,” Arlotti said. “If more people did this, it would bring more business here.”
       In the meantime, Arlotti is applying to the city for a replat of the eastern half (Lot 2) of what is currently the two-lot Rice Subdivision. Lot 1, which is west of the street access nearest Captain D's, is not part of the proposal. In the replat, Arlotti hopes to split Lot 2 almost equally, so that the storefronts will be in one new lot and Captain D's in the other. The result would be called the Arlotti Subdivision.
       “This will allow individuals to purchase the land and buildings that they have been leasing in order to make site improvements that will directly benefit the individual owner,” according to the justification in the Project Statement submitted to City Planning.
       Arlotti said he is also talking to Captain D's about future façade changes, but such work will have to wait until the city acts on the lot-split plan.
       Another part of Arlotti's request to the city is for a variance to allow a total of 28 parking spaces where 34 are required. The justification is that the project's new parking plan will be “far safer than the existing plan,” the Project Statement reads.

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