Heads up!

       The city has a policy limiting the rental of Bancroft Park for commercial activities to the fourth Saturday of the month. But a vendor with a single booth in the park on a recent “off-Saturday” was not in violation, according to City Parks Director Paul Butcher.
       He said the vendor, who timed his rental with the Saturday-morning Farmers' Market, had paid the necessary $50 fee for that purpose and had the necessary peddler's permit.
       This type of rental can be approved at any time, as long as the park as a whole is not reserved. But the practice is unusual: “Typically vendors want to rent the entire park [$75],” Butcher noted. “We've never had a case where there were large numbers [of single booths].”
       He pledged to keep track of how many single vendors seek to rent space at Bancroft and to draw the line at three in the same day (except on the fourth Saturday).

Westside Pioneer article