EDITOR’S DESK: Dream Vision 2020: Insight-impaired?

       Am I the only one dubious about this just-announced Dream City: Vision 2020 "community engagement project," through which we Colorado Springsians are supposed to plan a “model” town for 12 years from now?
       For one thing, I find it passing strange that the Gazette is among the endeavor's self-appointed organizational torch-bearers. This is the rag that routinely shreds community spirit with its inaccuracies, sensationalism and negativity. My guess is that the only reason the other organizations let the Gazette on board was to ensure that the publication - feared as the town's 900-pound media gorilla by local government and business leaders - would give "2020" steady doses of perky coverage.
       And as for this "Leadership Pikes Peak" that's behind the whole deal, I don't recall ever seeing any of that bunch at a Westside function. Since they like leading, maybe they could offer to help the Easter bunny take the kids around Bancroft Park at next year's egg hunt.
       All in all, "2020" sounds like yet another dippy downtown-style extravaganza, full of gushy platitudes about "dialogue" and "action groups" and "building community" from people who are good at telling us how to live while pretending it was our idea.
       Let me see if I can guess what will come out of this. It will be revealed that we need to "heal our differences" so as to battle poverty and racism (and a shopping list of other "isms"); to nurture our children, to become "green" (e.g., drive fewer cars, ride more buses) and (just a hunch) to pay higher taxes. At the same time, I predict "2020" will have little interest in ways to slow traffic through Old Colorado City, to ease the Highway 24 expansion impacts on the Westside, to prevent the city from continually pushing high density on this part of town and to reduce government incursions into our everyday lives.
       Like I said, it may just be me, but if I want "2020 vision," I'll go visit my eye doctor.

- K.J.