Unofficial Westside flag business tally:
‘Don’t Tread on Me’ ahead of Old Glory

       Many Americans like to wave patriotic flags on Independence Day. At A House of Flags, 2822 W. Colorado Ave., every day is a flag-waving day.

Glenda Phillips of A House of Flags on Colorado Avenue holds up the flag that many patriotic people across the United States - not to mention the Colorado Springs Westside - will be displaying on Independence Day.
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       Although located in a (yes) house that's just 540 square feet in size, the business sells a surprising range of flags, banners, cases, poles, mounting hardware and miscellaneous related items. “We're really a small place, but it's amazing what you can get,” said store manager Glenda Phillips.
       Among the offerings - some that have to be ordered through a catalog - are all the years of American flags (plus historical ones, such as the Betsy Ross); state flags; and military, nautical, decorative and sports flags. Some fly the American flag for the year their house was built, Phillips said,
       People from other parts of the world may be interested to learn that the business has the flags for all 192 countries in the United Nations, plus a few others, including Taiwan. There are also some obsolete flags, including ones for the USSR and pre-liberated Iraq.
       In the category of sports flags, the business is careful to keep the Denver Broncos' pennant in stock. “It would be un-Colorado if we didn't,” Phillips laughed.
       What's the most popular flag? Old Glory is actually in second place. What people are buying most often now is the Revolutionary War-era “Don't Tread on Me” flag (an apparent reflection of anti-tax sentiment, Phillips said). Colorado flags are also high on the list, and she sells a lot of flag poles.
       On the average, flag sales are split about 50-50 between individuals and businesses, she said.
       The Westside business is part of a three-store chain that owner John Seebeck of Littleton started about 25 years ago. (The other two are in Littleton and Las Vegas, Nev.). The support comes in handy when people or businesses need help with pole installation or maintenance, because a crew can be called down from the Littleton office, Phillips said.
       The first Colorado Springs location for A House of Flags was a shopping center near the Citadel Mall. Seebeck said he moved it to the current site six years ago. He didn't specifically choose the Old Colorado City area - it was just the best spot that turned up after a business decision to buy a house for the store, he explained. However, Seebeck added, “it's been a good move for us. There's a lot of cross-traffic, and [with the flags Phillips hangs outside] people see us from the street.”
       Built in 1919, the 2822 W. Colorado house is mentioned in the “In & Around Old Colorado City: A Walking Tour” book (Cathleen Norman, author) as a good example of the small “Chicago houses” that were produced by a Colorado Springs company in the early 1900s.

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