Wanted: Local trail volunteers
VOC recruiting for Red Rock Canyon project

       The Denver-based Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) has begun local outreach efforts to prepare for the Aug. 28-29 trail-building project in Red Rock Canyon Open Space.
       Rachael Stickland and Wendy Hodges of VOC were in town this week to talk to representatives of local volunteer trail- building/repair groups about ways of working together on the project.
       Chris Lieber, trails coordinator for Colorado Springs Parks, set up the workday with the VOC. The project will build some of the 17 miles of trail masterplanned for the 788.1-acre Red Rock Canyon, which the city purchased as open space last December. The open space/park is scheduled to open to the public in September.
        One of VOC's hopes is to attract a large number of local workers for the weekend and, where possible, experienced trail crew leaders. Toward that end, Stickland, VOC's outreach director, said the organization is offering a 2 day training camp at the Catamount Institute (the old Y camp) near Woodland Park July 9-11.
       The cost is $65 and includes meals. Attendees can camp at the site if they want. Pre-registration will last through July 7. People can sign up for the training, as well as for the Aug. 28-29 project, by calling the VOC at 800-925-2220 or by e-mailing voc@voc.org.
       Local trail groups Stickland and Hodges have been meeting with include the Trails and Open Space Coalition of the Pikes Peak Region, the Intemann Trail Committee, Medicine Wheel, the Colorado Mountain Club and the Friends of the Peak.
       VOC, one of the leading volunteer statewide trail-building organizations, has previously worked locally at Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Garden of the Gods, Palmer Park and the Intemann Trail.
       The Red Rock Canyon masterplanning effort included five public meetings at West Middle School between February and May, each attended by an average of about 100 people. It was announced at the meetings that volunteers would be needed to help build the trail system in Red Rock.
       Red Rock Canyon Open Space, currently closed to the public, is located south of Highway 24, west of the Midland neighborhood, north of Section 16 and east of the Crystal Hills neighborhood in Manitou Springs.
        For more information through City Parks, call Chris Lieber at 385-5940.

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