Planned Parenthood Expansion:
Agency hopes to submit application in early August

       Planned Parenthood is shooting for the week of Aug. 8 to submit an application to the city for its major proposed expansion at 1330 W. Colorado Ave.
       The application “package” will contain building schematics and respond to architectural and neighborhood issues outlined in a recent letter to the private agency from City Planner Larry Larsen, according to Kate Horle, vice president of public affairs.
       “Hopefully” the target week can be met, Horle said, adding that time-frame uncertainties exist regarding surveys that must be performed in conjunction with the city, including ones for traffic and stormwater.
        She added that it was too early to say at this point the extent to which the plan submittal will accommodate all the suggestions in Larsen's letter. “We've only had the letter for about a week,” she said.
       Larsen's letters asks that the agency's building/parking lot “blend in” with the neighborhood and that three neighboring buildings not be demolished, as Planned Parenthood had originally proposed.
       The letter further suggests an architectural layout and offers design examples (see article on Page 8) and asks for responses to 34 neighborhood issues (see article that starts at the bottom of this page).
       Horle referred to the package that would be submitted as a “pre-application package.” This appears to be a matter of semantics: Larsen's letter begins with the statement that its purpose is to “notify you that the pre-application stage for the above project is now complete” and that Planned Parenthood has “authorization to proceed to the internal review stage and submit applications and plans for your project.”
       The business has proposed replacing its 37-year-old, 2,812-square-foot clinic with one that is 5,000 square feet in size, demolishing the three neighboring houses as part of the project.
       The current C-5 zoning would allow such an expansion, City Planning has said, but has suggested that the agency instead relocate the two smaller 14th Street houses and incorporate the 1322 house into the project itself.

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