Planned Parenthood Expansion:
Owners of targeted properties appear ready to sell

       The owners of three properties neighboring Planned Parenthood apparently have no objections to selling them to the reproductive-health agency for its proposed expansion at 14th Street and Colorado Avenue.
        In phone conversations with the Westside Pioneer, neither Fred Newall (owner of 1322 W. Colorado) nor Charles Leggett (owner of 15 and 17 S. 14th St.) offered objections to the project, which would essentially double the size of the clinic..
       “I've never tried to fight progress,” Leggett said. “And this is progress.”
       “Planned Parenthood is going to operate whether there or some other place,” Newall said. “They're here to stay.”
       The 1322 house, a rental with two apartments, is located just east of the clinic. The Leggett family lives at 15 S. 14th, which is located on the alley just north of the clinic and west of 17 S. 14th.

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