Planned Parenthood Expansion:
Full list of neighborhood/community issues provided

       A recent letter to Planned Parenthood from Colorado Springs planner Larry Larsen includes a request that the business “address and respond in writing to the following neighborhood/community issues” regarding its planned clinic expansion at 1330 W. Colorado Ave.
       1. Destruction of three historic structures
       2. Object to one-story building with back to neighborhood, specifically to the Painted Lady [now two doors east]
       3. Colorado Avenue frontage significant
       4. Loss of three affordable homes
       5. Encourage preservation of homes
       6. Project may affect area homes and businesses
       7. Parking adjacent to Colorado Avenue not good
       8. Creeping commercialization of modern buildings
       9. Expand at another Clinic location
       10. Proposed project does not fit with Westside Plan (one-story, too long & too modern)
        11. Not an overlay area or designated, but historically significant and important regardless
        12. Does Planned Parenthood really need to expand this facility?
       13. Object to use of the property
       14. Use causes congestion and impacts to area
       15. Protesters cause congestion and impacts to area
       16. Will this land use better the community?
       17. Questioned the Clinic's services and impacts upon the criminal behavior
       18. Will Clinic move, if expansion not approved?
       19. Use changes character of the area
       20. Use has negative impacts on existing businesses
       21. Consider looking for other location
       22. Not compatible with area
       23. Importance of historical overlay / preliminary historical design standards
       24. 1322 W. Colorado should be protected
       25. Maintain Westside identity & preserve character
       26. Oppose size & scope of project
       27. Traffic impacts & hazards
       28. Drainage issues in area
       29. Clinic has impacted Painted Lady uses
       30. Protect unique architecture
       31. Impact of use and protesters upon tourist in area
       32. Effect upon area property values
       33. Consider moving the houses
       34. Consider alternative sites to expand

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