Planned Parenthood Expansion:
City planner provides design ideas to Planned Parenthood; 3 West Colorado examples pointed out

       A letter from Colorado Springs Planner Larry Larsen to Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains contains the following section on “Architectural Design”:
       “This is a very important element in order to determine area compatibility and to blend in with the surrounding land uses. Appropriate design and scale in character with this area of the Westside is essential. We suggest the following:
        “Consider designs similar to recent new commercial buildings found at the Wahl medical office building located at 1104 W. Colorado, the Gilland Architecture office building located at 1331 W. Colorado and the Cunningham mixed use building located at 2702 W. Colorado;
       “Use traditional design elements, materials and colors that are typical to other buildings in the area;
        “Reduce the proposed building's footprint and add a second story;
       “Orient the building to front Colorado Avenue and perhaps 14th Street;
       “Setback the building to conform to vicinity norms;
       “Consider an “L” shaped building at the corner;
       “Provide “four-sided” (pleasing appearance from all sides) architecture; and
       “Place parking in the rear of the parcel with adequate screening and buffering.”

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